About Us

Diversity in Engineering at the 2023 ESS Engineering Carnival


Diversity in Engineering (DivE) advocates for the retention, inclusion, and interests of systemically marginalized groups in engineering. Through research, programming, outreach, and promotion of best practices, we take an intersectional approach to achieve a supportive environment that fosters the growth and learning of all students. DivE offers a welcoming, educational, and supportive environment for students to meet like-minded peers and work towards a brighter future for engineering. Our main external events are panels where we talk to industry members about facets of identity, and internally we foster important conversations about self and engineering and host events to build community. 


Diversity in Engineering began in 2017 to combat diverse issues in the Faculty of Engineering that result in and/or are caused by a non-inclusive environment and to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups through events, advocacy, and supporting local charities with similar values & goals. Specifically, our goals include:

School Your Allies - A Diversity in Engineering Queer Trivia Event hosted in 2020.